Regulation of Use for Wedding Ceremony

Regulation of Use for Wedding Ceremony:

  1. Applicants must notify all assistants and helpers of the wedding ceremony and abide by the rules for the use of the wedding ceremony venue. In case of violations, LTS has the right to immediately terminate all activities, and the rent and the guaranty deposit will not be refunded. LTS is not responsible for any losses and consequences caused by the applicant.
  2. Applicant should assign a wedding coordinator/person-in-charge who is responsible for the coordination with LTS staff before, during and after the wedding.
  3. Except for rented places, renters are not allowed to use or enter other places in the campus.
  4. Smoking and profanity are strictly prohibited at the LTS campus.
  5. The lighting, amplifying appliances and air-conditioning system of the venue are only allowed to be operated by the LTS staff.
  6. All facilities in Ming Chieh Chapel, includes the altar, the pulpit, lector, the piano and chairs, etc., are not to allowed to be moved without permission.
  7. If the venue facilities and rented materials are damaged, the applicants shall be compensated according to the price quoted by LTS.
  8. Non-clergy personalities are not allowed to step on the altar. Any risky postures at the altar and the sacred table for photo/video shooting or other activities are strictly prohibited.
  9. The piano in Ming Chieh Chapel is regularly tuned by a dedicated person. If the applicant wishes to make additional tuning for the piano before the wedding ceremony, the applicant must pay an additional tuning fee to LTS for the arrangement.
  10. The Bible and hymn books are provided in the Ming Chieh Chapel. Please return to the original place after use.
  11. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the Ming Chieh Chapel, and no candy or snacks can be distributed in the chapel.
  12. The decoration inside and outside the Ming Chieh Chapel, should follow the rules of LTS.
  13. In the Ming Chieh Chapel and other campus areas, no paper or pictures can be nailed or pasted (using glue, tape, blutack, etc.) on the wall.
  14. Hydrogen balloons, balloons, throw gold powder, paper shreds, feathers, or use spray glue in the Ming Chieh Chapel and other campus areas are strictly prohibited.
  15. After the wedding ceremony, the applicant is responsible for cleaning and restoring the venue, cleaning up all wedding decorations, recycling the printed programmes or other wedding and personal belongings. LTS is not responsible for the preservation of leftover and lost items.
  16. For those who apply for tea party venue, must prepare their own food. LTS will not provide food refrigeration service. Applicants are not allowed to use any open flame or electric stove to heat food in the campus areas.
  17. LTS will not provide any storage services for articles and luggage, and the applicants are responsible for themselves.
  18. During the lease of the wedding ceremony venue, if the applicant or its guests suffer accidental casualties, or suffer various losses, whether it is legal or financial, the applicant is fully responsible for their own liability. LTS is not responsible of such incidents.


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