Master of Arts in Classical Judaism

Graduation Credits 24 │ 2-6 years
can be completed by taking courses solely in English

Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Classical Judaism degree program aims to enable students to develop a basic understanding of the history, religion, literature, language and culture of the Jewish people during the classical, formative period and its antecedents in post-exilic biblical times. It will offer courses on Jewish societies, Bible interpretation, the literature of Second Temple Judaism and Rabbinic periods, and comparative studies of Judaism and Christianity. After completion, the student will acquire:

  • An understanding of the development of the Second Temple Judaism and its literature;
  • A comparative understanding of early Judaism and Christianity, and the role of Bible interpretation in this process;
  • An explorative understanding of the ancient and modern Israel/Palestine.


Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor of Theology degree or other bachelor’s degree major in Christianity or equivalent from an institution recognized by LTS; and
  • Applicants must have been baptized for at least three years prior to application for study; and
  • Applicants should have the interests, aptitudes, and personal qualities necessary for this program; and
  • The ability to engage in graduate-level study for academic pursuits and personal development.


Further Study

A Master of Arts in Classical Judaism degree holder can continue to study for the Master of Divinity with Theological Degree program at LTS and credits can be exempted.

Program Content


(course credits in brackets)


i) Guided Electives on Jewish Studies (JS)

4 courses (12)


ii) Free Electives

4 courses (12)