Notes to Non-Degree Student

2022-2023 Spring Semester Course Registration Days: December 19-20, 2022.


2022-2023 Spring Semester Course Timetable [Download]


Notes to Non-Degree Student:


1. A Non-degree student may take courses with credit or as an auditor in each semester. The course registration should be made on or before the registration days. Postal address: Dean's office, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 50 To Fung Shan Road, Shatin, Hong Kong. Application documents are required as below:


a. Duly completed and signed Application for Admission form and application fee. (Required for the first time registration.)

b. Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or passport. (Required for the first time registration.)

c. Letter of recommendation from the minister-in-charge of the applicant’s congregation. (Required for the first time registration.)

d. Duly completed and signed Registration and Course Request Form.

e. Payment of tuition.


2. A maximum of 30 credits taken by non-degree students can be applied to the first theological degree program at LTS.


3. The credits obtained by non-degree students are kept on record for a maximum of 4 years.


4. Inquiry Email: [email protected]