Central China Union Lutheran Theological Seminary “CCULTS 華中聯合信義神學院” was founded jointly in Shekou, Hubei, jointly by four Lutheran Missions in central China, namely, Hauge’s Synod Mission, the American Lutheran Mission, the Norwegian Missionary Society and the Finnish Missionary Society. Our Seminary grew out of the CCULTS.
CCULTS was renamed as the Lutheran Theological Seminary “信義神學院”
Owing to the political turmoil on the Mainland, teachers and students left for Hong Kong and classes were resumed in Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre on 6 December.
In February 1951, the Chinese Government announced a new border control policy. The freedom of movement between China and Hong Kong was forbidden. Thus, the return to Shekou as planned by the sage leaders of the Seminary had to be shelved. Instead a new campus was purchased in Pak Tin, Shatin to establish a firm foothold in Hong Kong so as to serve the local churches.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong took over the management of the Seminary from the Mission Societies.
Dr. HSIAO, Ken-hsieh Andrew was appointed as the first Chinese President of the Seminary.
The Chinese name of the Seminary became the “信義宗神學院” as the institution was now jointly under the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod, the Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong, and the Taiwan Lutheran Church.
The Government notified the Seminary that the campus of the Seminary had to be resumed to make way for the new development in Shatin. Under the leadership of Dr. Andrew HSIAO and the support of the Mission Societies, a new campus was then established on To Fung Shan.


Our Seminary has had therefore a history of more than 100 years since its establishment. We will keep on following the footsteps and vision of our forefathers as well as carrying out the mission entrusted by our Lord. To shine for our Lord, we will keep abreast of the development required to train faithful servants for churches and seminaries, and to empower followers of Christ through theological education.


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