[version 2023.05]


HM1000 Introduction to Homiletics

An introductory course to the basic concepts of preaching, different types of sermons and their structure, writing a sermon, working with the lectionary, reflection on the listener, and the place of the sermon in the liturgy. It is recommended that students do not take this course before the second year, or until a basic exegetic and systematic theological knowledge has been acquired.


HM2000 Homiletic Practicum

This course expands on the principles of preaching with practical experience in preparing, presenting, and evaluating sermons. (Prerequisite course: “Introduction to Homiletics”)


HM3000 Law and Gospel Distinction in Preaching

The centrality of the distinction between Law and Gospel for the task of preaching is examined, with emphasis on the theological content of the sermon. The course offers students the opportunity to present and evaluate their own sermons.


HM3001/WL3005 Word and Worship for Special Occasions

A practical approach both to the preaching and the designing of relevant liturgy for special occasions and themes.


HM3002/OT3006 Preaching the Old Testament

See OT3006.