Bachelor of Theology

Graduation Credits 135 │ Full-time 4-yr

Program Goals

The Bachelor of Theology degree program aims at equipping students who are called to serve in the pastoral ministry. Through the curriculum emphasized in theory and practice, our worship, campus and dormitory life, we strive to nurture students in their biblical and theological knowledge, ministerial skills, reflecting thinking, collegiality, commitment, moral integrity, and pastoral spirituality so that they are capable of becoming leaders and pastors of churches.


Admission Requirements

  • Six years of secondary school studies or equivalent; and
  • applicants must have been baptized for at least three years prior to application for study; and
  • Evidence of the commitment and qualities desired for pastoral leadership; and
  • Proof of the academic ability to engage in theological study.

(Applicant who completed five years of secondary school studies may be admitted to the program with the requirement of taking an extra 18 credits, the additional credits may also be exempted by other recognized academic study or working experience.)


Residency Requirement

Pastoral training degree education has a complex goal: the personal, vocational, spiritual, and academic formation of students, in addition to the importance of a comprehensive community of learning, so all pastoral training degree students should live in the dormitory for the whole study period except for a special reason.


Further Study

A Bachelor of Theology degree holder can continue to study for the Master of Divinity with Theological Degree / Master of Arts in specific emphasis programs at LTS.

Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


i) Biblical Theology

Core Courses

 OT1000 Introduction to the Old Testament (3)

 NT1000 Introduction to the New Testament (3)

 LGk1001-1003 Biblical Greek or

 LHb1001-1003 Biblical Hebrew (9)

Guided Electives

 2 courses on OT (6)

 2 courses on NT (6)

 1 course on Biblical Interpretation (3)

Electives (1 course) (3)


ii) Systematic Theology

Core Courses

 CT1000 Introduction to Christian Ethics (3)

 CH2002 Reformation Church History (3)

 CH2003 Modern Church History (3)

 CH2018 Early and Medieval Church History (3)

 DM2009 Dogmatics (Module A) (3)

 DM2010 Dogmatics (Module B) (3)

 DM2011 Dogmatics (Module C) (3)

Electives (3 courses) (9)


iii) Practical Theology

Core Courses

 PT1004 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (3)

 HM1000 Introduction to Homiletics (3)

 CE1000 Introduction to Christian Education (3)

 SW1002 Spiritual Formation (3)

 WL1000 Introduction to Worship and Liturgy (3)

 MC1000 Introduction to Missiology (3)

 HM2000 Homiletic Practicum (3)

 CP2017/PT2052 Personal Growth (3)

 CP2036 Counseling Theories and Practices (3)

 DK2000/OT2012/NT2011 Biblical Perspectives on Diakonia (3)

 PT3003 Church Administration and Christian Leadership (3)

Electives (3 courses) (9)


iv) Academic and Integrated Studies

Core Courses

 IS1000 Workshop on Academic Writing (1)

 IS4003 Integrative Seminar (2)


v) Practical Training

Core Courses

 MU1000 Choir (8)

 FE1001 Field Education (10)


vi) Free Electives

3 courses (9)


vii) Others

Assessment on Personal Qualities for Pastoral Ministry

Graduation Sermon