Church History

[version 2023.05]


CH1003 Church History I

A study of the beginnings of the Christian movement and its global development until 1500, tracing the manifold variety of Christian beliefs and practices, with special attention to relations between church and state, and to changing patterns in theology and mission.


CH1004 Church History II

A study of the global Christian movement from 1500 to the present, with special attention to the Reformation in Europe, the growth of churches beyond Europe, and challenges for Christianity today.


CH2002 Reformation Church History

A study of the church in Europe from 1500-1650, with a focus on various types of reform and on the impact of these movements in Europe and beyond.


CH2005/MC2001 History of Christian Mission

See MC2001.


CH2006/WL2000 History of Christian Worship

See WL2000.


CH2014/WL2007 History of Theological Aesthetics

See WL2007.


CH2015/WL2006 Church Music History

See WL2006.


CH2016/DK2019 Diaconal Theology and Practices in History

See DK2019.


CH3000 History of the Church in China

A survey of the origins and development of the church in China from the Tang Dynasty to the present.


CH3001 History of the Church in Asia

A survey of the origins and historical development of the Christian churches in different Asian countries, including their cultural, political, economic, and social circumstances.


CH3002 History of the Church in Hong Kong

A study of the origin and development of the Christian churches in Hong Kong from Hong Kong’s colonial history to the present.


CH3011/NT3014/JS3000 Beginnings of Judaism and Christianity and the Parting of the Ways

See JS3000.


CH4000 Study Tour: Reformation and its Heritage

The Reformation in 16th Century Germany made significant changes in the Church history, as well as in the society of the west. This tour offers an opportunity for participants to enrich their knowledge and to understand better the history of the Reformation by personal experience in Germany, as well as to explore the spirit of Reformation in the German churches throughout the centuries.