Worship and Liturgy

[version 2023.05]


WL1000 Introduction to Worship and Liturgy

This course traces the development of Christian liturgy in the Church, from the first gatherings to the pulpit, places and forms of today’s worship. Special emphasis will be on the ordinary Sunday liturgy (Eucharist), the Scripture readings (Lectionary), the Church-year and liturgical space (buildings, altar, baptismal area, place of music etc.). Cultural and practical aspects of worship will also be examined.


WL2000/CH2006 History of Christian Worship

A study of the history of Christian worship from the first century until now.


WL2001/PT2016 Liturgy and Pastoral Care

This course examines the liturgical context of pastoral care. It discusses the priestly dimension of pastoral care in life-cycle rites.


WL2002 Worship in the Bible

This course examines the true meaning of worship in the Bible and discusses it from the point of view of the Trinity.


WL2003 Lutheran Worship: History and Theology

A study of the historical development and theological understanding of the worship life of Lutheran churches since the 16th century.


WL2005 Church Music Ministry

This course discusses the role and function of music and its relationship with pastoral ministry in Church. The course starts by studying music in the Bible and the theology of music. We then discuss the function and role of music in worship, explore the ways of music ministry from different levels, and establish aesthetic and practical principles when using music in Church.


WL2006/CH2015 Church Music History

This course provides a whole picture of the development of church musical traditions, music theory, theological characteristics, church musicians, and musical works. It is designed to explain how the musical setting of ecclesiastical liturgy and musical theory developed in historical periods and different church traditions.


WL2007/CH2014 History of Theological Aesthetics

This course is the interdisciplinary study of theology and aesthetics. This field of study includes not only a theology of beauty but also the dialogue between theology, philosophy, and arts in different periods and different church traditions.


WL3000 Worship and Theology

Discusses the influence of Protestant theologies in the practice of the liturgies of a variety of Protestant denominations, so the student can either have a better understanding or can rethink the worship practice of his or her denomination. The course starts with the study of the theologies of worship in the time of the Reformation, which are the roots of Protestant churches.


WL3001 Hymns and Worship

This course is a study and guided listening of masterpieces of church music and their theological and historical value. The study of Christian hymns, their theology and practical usage in worship from early ages to the present is included.


WL3002 Inculturation of Liturgy

Through the study of inculturation of liturgy in different aspects of worship, this course will introduce the theology and practice of inculturation of liturgy in a comprehensive way.


WL3003 Liturgical Spirituality of the Orthodox Church

This course explores the theology of spirituality of the Orthodox church through its liturgy.


WL3004/JS3007 Jewish Roots of Christian Sacraments

To rediscover the Jewish roots of Christian sacraments, in light of the teaching of Jesus. By gaining a deeper understanding of Christian sacraments, the student can put them into better practice in congregations.


WL3005/HM3001 Word and Worship for Special Occasions

See HM3001.