Under the current changeable social circumstances, people’s hearts are becoming fragile, and more peer care and counseling services are therefore needed. So in responding to the needs of church and society at different levels, our Seminary is offering a number of Christian counseling courses in different aspects, including Pastoral Counseling, Christian Counseling, Professional Counseling etc. We hope to work with you in serving the community. For details, please refer to the overview map of our counseling courses and the detailed introduction to each course.

There are differences between the guides of Christian counseling and other counseling methods. Both have different points of view on people, sin, and salvation, which can affect the counseling process. Our programs are committed to the integration of Christian faith and counseling. In-depth integrated research is conducted with reference to the Bible, counseling, and spiritual direction. Our seminary also provides advanced academic research courses, which are the Doctor of Pastoral Care (Major in Pastoral Counseling), the Master of Theology and the Doctor of Theology (Major in Christian counseling or subsidiary in pastoral studies).




Aspiring to serve in Christian counseling and who are willing to walk with themselves, with others, and with God. Willing to commit to personal growth and counseling services in order to bless the church and the community.




Our counseling course emphasizes the counseling concept of a triangular interactive relationship among oneself, others and our Lord. We place emphasis mainly not only on helping others, but also on one-self as we are concerned for the personal growth of students both psychologically and spiritually. Students can gradually master the counseling theories and skills of walking with others through theoretical studies, experiential courses and counseling practices.


1. Emphasizing on the balance of theory and practice


 Combination of psychological counseling theories and skills in Christian counseling

 Focus on experiential learning

 Focus on the theory and practice of coaching


2. Encouraging to help both self and others


 For self: focusing on personal growth in both mental and spiritual ways

 For others: applying for counseling and care in personal, family, church and social aspects

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