Pastoral Training



It is essential to have good pastors with adequate training serving in the Church. Hence, our pastoral training programs aim at equipping Christians who are called to serve in the pastoral ministry. Through class learning, liturgical worship, field education, campus and dormitory life, etc., we strive to nurture our students in their theological knowledge, ministerial skills, commitment, and pastoral spirituality, so that they are capable of being leaders and pastors of churches.


Target Students


  • Christians who are called to serve in the pastoral ministry.
  • Christians who are committed to serve.




Emphasize Both Knowledge and Practice


  • Provide comprehensive training via courses in the fields of biblical theology, systematic theology, and practical theology.
  • Provide field education in different churches or Christian organizations every year so that students can practice what they learn in classes.
  • One of our field education is joining the overseas trip of “Cultural Exploration and Mission” or the “Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)” launched by designated organizations.


Campus Life and Learning


  • Liturgical worship: It is a special feature in our training and spiritual formation. Students not only can experience such beautiful church tradition, being nurtured in it, but also learn the theology behind.
  • Multicultural: LTS teachers and students come from local, Mainland, and overseas. It provides a multicultural study and living environment to students, who can enhance their knowledge and sensitivity towards various cultures.
  • Wonderful dormitory life: To nurture students’ spirit of solidarity, LTS has dormitory service and expects all pastoral training students to join. The dormitory students have often reflected that their dormitory life brought them lots of friendship and beautiful memories.


Holistic Care and Formation


  • LTS has the chaplaincy department, which will provide pastoral care to our students and assist them in their formation of pastoral spirituality.
  • Our program design includes “Personal Growth.” We also have counseling services.
  • Spiritual direction is included in our spirituality courses.




  • LTS has student exchange partnerships with various seminaries and universities in Taiwan and other countries. Interested students may apply for it.