Doctor of Ministry

Graduation Credits 48 │ 3-9 years

Program Goals

The Doctor of Ministry degree program is a professional ministerial degree. It is to deepen the praxis and leadership in ministry for students who have engaged in ministerial leadership. After completion, the student will:

  • Grow in collegiality and leadership;
  • Acquire the capacity to reflect critically and theologically in ministerial contexts;
  • Be able to do research in ministry and introduce new insights and proposals for future ministry.


Admission Requirements

  • The possession of the Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent with a GPA of 3.00 or above from an institution recognized by LTS (for a person with a Bachelor of Theology degree or equivalent and another relevant theological master’s degree will also be considered); and
  • Applicants must have been baptized for at least three years prior to application for study; and
  • At least five years of full-time experience in ministry subsequent to the first graduate theological degree.


Language Requirement

Students are expected to have sufficient English knowledge for studying at a graduate-level.


Area of Emphasis

 Pastoral Ministry and Leadership
 Christian Counseling*
 Christian Education
 Christian Spirituality
 Mission and Culture
 Worship and Liturgy


* Students can choose to do the counseling practicum for the course credits with the assessment and permission of the adviser. Students are required to pay extra fees for practicum supervision apart from the tuition (charges according to the scale of related institutes). The graduation diploma will be shown as Theoretical Based, Professional Practicum, or Pastoral Practicum for different schemes.

Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


Part I – Coursework


i) Core Courses

 PT3042 Ministry in Context (4)

 IS3000 Research Methodology in Practical Theology (4)


ii) Guided Electives

3 courses on Area of Emphasis (12)

1 course on Biblical Interpretation (4)

1 course on Leadership (4)


iii) Free Electives

1 course (4)


Part II – Dissertation (16)

Students are required to write a dissertation on their research on a particular ministry of the church(es) or of Christian organization(s). The dissertation should include both theoretical and practical argumentations. Its conclusion could become a reference for other churches or Christian organizations.