Intercultural Study Program

This program requires at least one semester of full-time study

Program Goals

Intercultural Study Program provides an opportunity to study theology and culture in an Asian context. After completion, the student will:

  • Experience studying theology in an intercultural setting such as LTS;
  • Learn to broaden their understanding of theology, culture and Asian churches through studying together with students from different cultures. The program is open to exchange students from our partners overseas and those who comply with the application requirements.


Admission Requirements

Admission to this program can be granted to three categories of applicants:

  • Applicants who are sent by an LTS exchange program partner, the application must include an official acknowledgment by the partner and be in compliance with the requirements of the partnership agreement.
  • Applicants from other educational institutions who are enrolled at their home institution, the applicants should have completed at least the second year of a bachelor program, or the first year of a master program, or show proof of an equivalent level of education.
  • Ministers with a theological degree during their sabbatical leave.


Program Content

This is a full-time boarding program and students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of a full-time student. All courses are electives and students can make their choices according to their interests and under the guidance of their adviser at LTS. Field study is a required part of the program. It includes exposure to local and international churches.