Recommended Resources

  1. EBSCO Atlas PLUS 
    Over 500 full text E-journals on theology, Biblical studies and religion. Integrated with Catholic Periodical and Literature Index, over 2,300 journal titles in total, of which over 1,000 are currently being indexed.
  2. EBSCO Religion and Philosophy Collection 
    Over 300 full text E-journals on theology, world religions and political philosophy
  3. GALE Religion and Social Science 
    Over 200 full text E-journals on theology, counseling and social science
  4. GALE E-books
    Over 70 E-books, including 11 sets encyclopedia on philosophy, Christianity and religions. Titles including New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2003, 15 vols., Encyclopedia of Judaica, 2007, 22 vols. and Macmillan Encyclopedia of Religion, 2005, 15 vols.
  5. Ebook Central 
    Over 20,000 E-books in English.
  6. Cambridge Core 
    Over 170 e-reference books in the Cambridge Companions series.
  7. HyRead (凌網電子書) 
    Over 210 E-books in both Chinese and English

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Chinese E-Resources

  1. HyRead (凌網電子書)
    Over 210 E-books in both Chinese and English
  2. Airiti (華藝電子書) 
    Over 180 E-books in Chinese.
  3. SuperBookcity (聯合電子書超閱網)  
    Over 30 E-books in Chinese


E-Resources in English & Other Languages

  1. Christian Classics Ethereal Library 
    A collection of Christian theological and spiritual works, including the English electronic version of the series of early godfathers.
  2. The Catholic Encyclopedia
  3. Loeb Classical Library
    Included the ancient Greek and Roman classics, contains more than 210 Greek and Latin texts alongside English translations.
  4. The Digital Karl Barth Library
    Included in the collection are the English translation of Barth's magnum opus, The Church Dogmatics, in its entirety. The original German version, Die kirchliche Dogmatik, is also included as are the first 45 volumes of Barth's Gesamtausgabe, which includes hundreds of letters, sermons, lectures, conversations, and academic writings. These volumes are supplemented by seven additional German works that have not yet been published as part of the Gesamtausgabe and English translations of thirteen important texts by Barth.
  5. Religion Online
    Included about 6.000 chapters, monographs, speeches and articles e-materials on all the world's major religions.

Journal Resources

  1. Electronic Journals
  2. Chinese Printed Journals
  3. Non-Chinese Printed Journals
  4. Recommended Journals