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DM1000 Introduction to Christian Theology

This course introduces students to different systematic approaches in Christian theology, using classic, modern, and contemporary theological texts.


DM1001 Dogmatics I

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the foundation of theology, which includes faith and reason, revelation and scripture, the doctrine of God as Creator, the human person created in the image of God, and the doctrine of sin. Contemporary issues in theology of creation and Christian anthropology will also be treated.


DM1002 Dogmatics II

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the doctrine of God as Redeemer, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the Church and theology of Sacraments will be treated as well.


DM2000/HT2000 Theology of Augustine

See HT2000.


DM2001/HT2001 Theology of Martin Luther

See HT2001.


DM2002/HT2003 Ante-Nicene Patristic Apologetics

This course covers the apologetic writings of the early Church Fathers who lived in the first three centuries, and how they defended the Christian faith when encountering Judaism, Hellenism, and heresies. Eventually, their systematical argumentations developed Christian theology.


DM2003 Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology

This course is designed to provide a theological understanding of Christian beliefs about the church and the sacraments.


DM2004 Christology and Soteriology

This course is designed to provide a theological understanding of Christian beliefs about the person and work of Jesus Christ and various approaches to election, atonement, and salvation.


DM3000/HT3002 Lutheran Confessions

See HT3002.


DM3001/HT3003 Christian Confessions

See HT3003.


DM3002 Theological Methodology

An examination of theological methods of various schools and outstanding theologians. (Required for those writing an M.Th. thesis in the area of Systematic Theology.)


DM3003 Philosophy for Understanding Theology

This course deals with the central ideas of Western philosophy and investigates their development and influence on the formation of theology.


DM3004 Asian Theology

A study of, and reflection on, some representative Asian theologians and their background and method of doing theology. Different types of Asian theology are emphasized.


DM3005/RC3003 Theology of Religions

See RC3003.


DM3006 Contemporary Theology

This course seeks to investigate important currents and major figures in the contemporary theological scene.


DM3007/RC3004 Contextual Theology

An examination of the theories, methods, and hermeneutical tasks involved in doing contextual theology, focusing on case studies for illustration.


DM3008/HT3000 Contextual Luther Studies in Asia

See HT3000.


DM3009 Feminist Theology

A study of current issues and developments in Feminist Theology.


DM3010/SW3004 Spirituality and Theology of Icons

See SW3004.


DM3011/SW3005 Apophatic Theology and Centering Prayer

See SW3005.


DM3012/SW3006/HT3004 Women Mysticism and Mystics

See SW3006.


DM3013/RC3005 Globalization and Secularization

See RC3005.


DM3014/SW3018 Theology of Christian Spirituality

See SW3018.


DM3015/HT3001 Luther Interpretations

See HT3001.


DM3016/HT3006 Roman-Catholic Theology

A study of Roman Catholic Theology in its development through history, with a particular focus on the changes since the Second Vatican Council.


DM3017/HT3005 History of Christian Denominations and Ecumenism

See HT3005.


DM3018/RC3007 Public Theology

See RC3007.


DM3019/NT3024 Holy Spirit in the New Testament

See NT3024.