Our Team

Executive Committee Members

Dr. Kenneth TSANG(President of LTS)
Dr. Angel LAM(Dean of Counseling Studies and Ministry, Director of Companion LeShalom Centre)
Ms. Julia CHAN(Executive Secretary, Christian Counseling Ministry)


Rev. Dr. Simon CHOW(President Emeritus of LTS)
Rev. Dr. Nicholas TAI(Faculty Emeritus of LTS)
Rev. Dr. Man-king TSO(Pastoral Counseling)
Dr. Shuk-Ha LEE (Counseling and Psychology)
Dr. Ki Yan Daniel MAK(Senior Psychiatrist, former Honorary Professor of The University of Hong Kong,
Vice President of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association)
Dr. Henry KONG(Public Health and Family Medicine)
Dr. Wing-Kin CHOI(Family Medicine)


Core Committee Members


Ms. Molly LEE (Chair, Administration & Human Resources)
Ms. Yvonne TANG(External Relations and Development)
Ms. Eva LAM(Secretary and Publicity)
Mr. Simon SZETO(General Affairs and Volunteer Co-ordination)
Dr. Angel LAM(Director of Companion LeShalom Centre)
Ms. Julia CHAN(Executive Secretary of Christian Counseling Ministry)

Administrative Staff


Director of Companion LeShalom Centre:Dr. Angel LAM
Executive Secretary of Christian Counseling Ministry:Ms. Julia CHAN
Development Assistant II (Half Time) :Ms. Christina LEUNG
Administrative Assistant II (Half Time) :Ms. Carol LEE


Counseling Team


We are a group of clinical psychologists and professional counselors who are willing based on the love of Christ to walk with others. We hope to serve the community by providing professional counseling, assessments, trainings or other services. We are from different training backgrounds and have professional counseling experiences to meet the different needs of both the society and the church. We hope to walk together with everyone.

Working Groups

  • Clinical Management Team,
  • Development Planning Team,
  • Volunteer Team