[version 2023.05]


MU1000 Choir (1 credit)

All full-time students are required to join the choir. This course is to train the students to sing, to have a better understanding of music and the right attitude to serve in worship. The seminary choir is a liturgical choir; besides assisting in morning prayer, evening prayer and Holy communion, the choir also offers singing at the graduation service, evangelical meetings, and the annual sacred music worship. No auditor is accepted.


MU1001 Sight Singing (1 credit)

Training in the ability to sight read music. The course provides basic musical knowledge, such as note values, time-signatures, major keys, and the reading of melody and rhythm. No auditor is accepted.


MU1002 Vocal Training (1 credit)

This course is designed to increase the singing ability and skill of the student through a combination of theory and practical training. No auditor is accepted.