Advanced Study Program



The programs are provided for those who have completed Pastoral or Christian Leadership Programs to enable them to have in-depth specific training. Instead of acquiring knowledge mainly through classroom teaching, students have to make their own initiatives to do the research, viz, to designate the research topics, to ask related questions, to search for relevant materials as well as to formulate research methods and the action plan. Professional adviser and program instructor based on their scope of research will oversee the study and provide professional advice on the preparation of the dissertations, helping the students on research programs to materialize the research findings. All students of the research programs must present a dissertation with an objective view and a high standard of professional research (Master of Theology program student can also choose full coursework to complete the program).


Target Students


  • Christians who wish to undertake an advanced level of theological study and research.
  • Christians who wish to prepare for a vocation of theological education or leaders who wish to apply for their research in their ministry.




  • LTS teachers and students come from local, Mainland, and overseas. It provides an international and multicultural context that can enrich students' learning and research.
  • For D.Th. and M.Th. students, each theological stream (New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology) has an academic colloquium every month. Students will take turns to present their dissertation and then answer questions. Such regular discussions among students and teachers can help students consider problems from multiple perspectives and avoid narrow-minded scholasticism. In addition, students can be familiar with the question-and-answer session like in the oral defense before graduation.
  • For D.Min. students, generally, they are required to continue their ministry while doing the study on a part-time basis. Their research topics should also be related to their ministries. Such arrangements aim to promote the integration of their work and the research. Moreover, LTS arranges academic colloquium at least twice a year so that students can exchange their views and experience the question-and-answer session like in the oral defense before graduation.
  • LTS library has rich collections of books, journals, and dissertations. In addition to lots of electronic materials, these can facilitate students in their research.
  • Starting from 2021, the dissertations of our graduates of the Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Ministry programs have been uploaded in the particular column "LTS E-Theses" in the LTS library as references to future students.