Christian Education

[version 2023.05]


CE1000 Introduction to Christian Education

This course gives a general introduction to the field of Christian Education. It considers its basic theories and concepts, as well as general practices.


CE2000 Teaching Methodologies

This course provides a study of various methods for teaching and learning and their theoretical foundations. The close relationship between educational theories and practices will be shown. It also provides an introduction to lesson planning and the use of various teaching methods.


CE2001 Understanding the Learners

Both internal and external factors affecting faith and learning are considered, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and religious characteristics of learners of various age groups. The focus is on the implications for Christian Education that lead to a faith expression in life.


CE2004/DK2003 Family and Parenting

See DK2003.


CE3001 Curriculum for Christian Education

This course focuses on the meaning of curriculum and its principles, theories, and designs. Students will be able to implement the knowledge they gained by planning a workable curriculum. It also gives criteria for evaluation and selection of various curricula and teaching materials.


CE3007 Christian Family Education

This course introduces educational principles of Christian family education. It reflects also on the social changes that Christian families are facing in today’s world.


CE3008/PT3028 Congregational Education

The congregation is the place where the whole people of God should be equipped and nurtured for life and mission in today’s world. Therefore, this course is designed to show various approaches and methods of implementing programs in different areas of congregational education.


CE3009 Christian Education for Children

Children are the young members of the church today and pillars of tomorrow. Nurturing children in Christian congregations and schools is an educational challenge that demands particular methodological and pedagogical skills. This course focuses on the needs of children and equips future church workers to respond to these needs.


CE3010 Christian Education for Youth

Young people have high expectations toward the church. This course presents youth programs for the church and introduces methods of youth ministry. It also studies the particular problems, lifestyle and religious questions of youth.


CE3011 Christian Education for Adults

Adults and children learn differently, but what pedagogies are more appropriate for adults and what are the learning strategies that adults prefer? What are their life challenges and religious questions? This course offers a study of adult education from various dimensions.


CE3014 Teacher Training for Christian Education

This course is an advanced course designed to equip persons to conduct teacher training courses in congregations, particularly in conjunction with the teacher training programs of churches in Southeast Asia. It includes a practical plan for teacher training in churches.


CE3015/OT3010/NT3012 Bibliolog

Bibliolog is a group Bible study method rooted in the Jewish Midrash tradition and psychodrama. It was developed by Peter Pitzele as a means to explore the Bible through active imagination and participation in the biblical narratives. This course introduces the principles and the techniques of Biblilog through experiential learning. Upon completion, students should be able to lead other participants to experience the power of the Word of God.


CE3016 Art and Music in Christian Education

Both Christian art and Christian hymns are expressions of faith and reflect Christian traditions over the centuries. This course explores the theology and context of selected hymns, songs and visual art. It also shows the possible usage of art forms in Christian Education.


CE3017 Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Education

The implicit philosophical and theological understandings of education have great impact on the explicit educational activities. This course provides a study of various philosophical and theological reflections on education, so that an awareness of their influences on the goals, the interactions between teacher and students during the educational process, and the outcomes will be enhanced in the students’ own practices as both learners and teachers.


CE3019 Christian Education in Schools

Christian educational organizations have engaged actively in the formal educational system in Hong Kong by establishing schools across the spectrum, including schools in primary, secondary and higher education. This course will study the relationship between Christian schools and their affiliated congregations, as well as its strengths and challenges. It will also discuss the principles and strategies of Christian education in the school settings.


CE3020/RC3006 Christian Education in a Changing Era

In the face of a fast-changing era, this course discusses our specific Christian identity and seeks the challenges as well as the enrichment that societal changes may bring. Implications for Christian Education will be discussed and new visions will be envisioned.


CE3021 Christian Education Practicum

Students are required to engage in the educational ministry of a congregation or a Christian institute under skilled supervision. This practicum will allow students to apply the knowledge, values, and skills of Christian education into practice, to enhance theological reflections, and to develop their teaching competence.