Master of Divinity with Theological Degree

Graduation Credits 60 │ Full-time 2-yr │ Part-time 6-yr

Program Purpose

The Two-year Master of Divinity degree is to equip persons for competent pastoral leadership. Students can have an emphasis in his or her study on some form of ministry or in a particular context, interest, or discipline area.


Program Goals

  • The capacity for critical and constructive theological reflection regarding the content and processes of the areas of emphasis.
  • Skill in the design, implementation, and assessment of ministry in that emphasis area.
  • An understanding of the various disciplines that undergird the area of emphasis.
  • Growth in personal and spiritual maturity.


Admission Requirements

  • A B.Th. degree or equivalent from an institution recognized by LTS; and
  • Proficiency in both English and Chinese; and
  • Having appropriate indicators of the intellectual, personal, and vocational aptitude for leadership in the specialized area; and
  • Applicants need to indicate their area of emphasis in the application form in order to allow LTS to appoint suitable advisers for them to plan their study program together.


Area of Emphasis

Biblical Theology*
Systematic Theology
Practical Theology


* Prerequisite for 6 credits of Biblical Hebrew or 6 credits of Greek; otherwise, the admitted student should fulfill the requirement via the courses at LTS on an extra-credit basis.

Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


i) Biblical Theology

Guided Electives

 2 courses on OT (6)

 2 courses on NT (6)


ii) Systematic Theology

Guided Electives

 1 course on CH/HT (3)

 1 course on CT (3)

 1 course on DM (3)


iii) Practical Theology

Guided Electives

 1 course on CP (3)

 1 course on DK (3)

 1 course on CE (3)

 1 course on SW/WL (3)

 1 course on MC/RC (3)


iv) Guided Electives on Area of Emphasis

6 courses (18)


v) Free Electives

2 courses (6)