Academic and Integrated Studies

[version 2023.05]


IS1000 Workshop on Academic Writing (1 credit)

This workshop is designed to give a foundational knowledge and skills to new students in academic writing. This is done by guiding them on how to write book reports and term papers critically and logically, and with standard format in referencing and bibliography.


IS3000 Research Methodology in Practical Theology (4 credits)

The course is designed to equip students to formulate their method in conducting ministerial-based research. This is done by explaining the methodology of doing practical theology, and in discussions about how to integrate social science methods (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, and mixed) in ministerial-based research.


IS4000 Orientation for Overseas Students (no credit)

Summer orientation for overseas new students before the start of study at LTS.


IS4001 Doctor of Ministry Program Orientation (4 credits)

This orientation is designed to prepare students to start the journey of this professional ministerial degree training. Besides helping students understand the program structure and begin to consider their study and research plan, this orientation includes elements of spirituality, which is a crucial dimension of being a professional ministerial leader.


IS4002 Seminar on Theological Research and Education (no credit)

This seminar is designed to improve the ability of students in the advanced theological programs at LTS for independent and critical reflection; it is offered also to help students in their understanding of the theories of theological education and to find ways to implement them in Asian contexts.


IS4003 Integrative Seminar (2 credits)

The integrative seminars are designed to help the students integrate their theological understanding of biblical, historical, systematic, and practical perspectives in order to address the contemporary issues of church and society.


IS4004 Integrative Seminar on Counseling and Spiritual Direction (3 credits)

This seminar helps students integrate their studies and develop their own models to facilitate seekers’ life transformation and spiritual growth. Under the guidance of the professor and based on their personal interests and ministry needs, students select a research topic to integrate the two disciplines, with an aim to develop their own approach to enhance their practice. Admission priority is given to the final year students of the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction program.


IS4005-4006 M.Th. Thesis I, II (4 credits)

All M.Th. program students who elect to write a thesis are required to research a topic approved by the faculty, under the direction of a thesis adviser. The thesis is to be a constructive work and must be completed and approved by his or her thesis adviser before graduation. It is to be submitted according to the regulations and the academic calendar in this catalogue.


IS4007 Dissertation (12 credits for D.Min.)

All doctoral program students are required to write a dissertation to research a topic approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Committee (ASRC) and the D.Min. Committee, under the direction of an adviser. The dissertation is to be a constructive work and must be completed and approved by his or her adviser before graduation. It is to be submitted according to the regulations and the academic calendar in this catalogue or program handbook.


IS4008 Oral Defence (no credit)

The purpose of the oral defence is to require the doctoral student to defend the dissertation, and thus the supporting arguments of his or her completed and approved dissertation, in the face of the kind of criticism that may be expected to be given by his or her scholarly peers. An oral defence committee is responsible for the procedure of the oral defence.