Christian Leadership



Christian leaders are essential partners of pastors in leading the church and carrying out the Gospel mission under God’s will. Accordingly, LTS has prepared theological study programs for lay leaders to enhance their theological knowledge and ministry skills, as well as the will and spiritual development to serve better. Catering to Christian leaders who serve in different ministerial positions, apart from holistic training, many special topics are available, such as diakonia, counseling, and missions, to meet the needs. Besides, programs related to society, workplace, and family relations are also available to help Christians live out their mission and testimony.


Target Students


  • Christian leaders willing to serve better in church or para-church organizations.
  • Christians willing to live out their mission and testimony in society, workplace, and family.




Programs with Flexibility and Diversity


  • Provide programs for Christians with different interests, needs, and available time.
  • Provide programs of various levels, from audit certificates to doctoral programs.
  • Provide programs with different goals, from holistic education (e.g., Master of Arts in Christian Studies) to special training (e.g., Companion Christian Counselling).
  • Students may choose programs mainly conducted during the daytime or evenings as required


Special Features and Special Programs


  • LTS belongs to the Lutheran denomination and has always upheld the ecumenical spirit of the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We have teaching staff and students from different denominations and cultural backgrounds. Our program contents also embrace various theological traditions. These can equip our students with a broader outlook and provide a free space for them to do theology.
  • Special programs like Diakonia, Companion Christian Counselling, and Christian Spiritual Direction not readily available elsewhere are prepared.


Ideal Study Environment


  • Shatin and Tai Wai are busy urban districts, but LTS on the hill To Fung Shan, surrounded by the blue sky and green trees, is serene and beautiful. With its religious history and atmosphere, it is an ideal place for some quietness and theological study.
  • City classroom and the Theological Education Extension Centre are provided in Jordan and Wong Tai Sin, respectively, which are close to MTR stations for the convenience of students.