Diploma in Christian Counseling Through Companionship: Helping Yourself and Others

Graduation Credits 24 │ Part-time 2-yr │ Evening Program

Admission to this program is suspended.

Program Purpose

Diploma in Christian Counseling Through Companionship: Helping Yourself and Others program is designed to nurture and equip Christians with personal growth in faith, from which he or she can become a caring companion to others. The program is characterized by its emphasis on both theory and practice, personal growth and group dynamics so that graduates will not merely be provided conceptual learning but also practicum opportunities as well as solid counseling experiences for designated theoretical orientations.


Program Goals

  • Enhancement of personal growth in preparation to helping others.
  • Acquisition of biblical understanding about peer care.
  • Learning and practice of basic peer counseling theories and skills.
  • Understanding of personal and general emotional and mental health issues.


Admission Requirements

  • Hold an HKDSE certification or equivalent; and
  • Be Christians with a recommendation from their church pastor; and
  • Be mature students with good working experience and good Christian witness; and
  • Take an assessment of personality.


Program Content

This program is offered on part-time basis. Students are required to take 11 credits of experiential and practical courses, 13 credits of theoretical courses, plus 15 sessions of personal growth counseling (arranged by LTS). Extra fees for camps and personal growth counseling apart from the tuition are required. For details, please refer to the Program Admission Handbook.


Further Study

When a graduate of the Dip.CCTC applies to study Higher Diploma in Christian Counseling or Bachelor of Christian Studies in Christian Counseling program in the Day School, a maximum of half of the credits with a grade of ‘B+’ or above could be transferred within 3 years after graduation. When a student without graduation wants to switch to Day School program, a maximum of one third of the credits with a grade of ‘B+’ or above could be transferred.



Course Time: 
Daytime or Evening time (7:15pm-9:45pm)


Course Venue:
1. LTS Campus: 50 To Fung Shan, Shatin (day time course & camp)
2. City Classroom: 13B, Harvest Moon House, 337-339 Nathan Road, Kowloon (evening course)


Program Consultants:
Dr. Daniel Mak (Senior Psychiatrist, former Honorary Professor of The University of Hong Kong, Vice President of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association)
Dr. Jane Tam (Hong Kong Psychological Society Registered Counseling Psychologist, Doctor of Educational Psychology, Doctor of Pastoral Studies - Spiritual Counseling)


Program Director:
Dr. Angel Lam (Director, Counseling Programs & Companion LeShalom Centre)


Administrative Coordinator:
Ms. Julia Chan (Executive Secretary, Christian Counseling Ministry)


Camp Coordinator: 
Mr. Jim Li (Administrative Secretary)


2684 3217 (Ms Julia Chan), 2684 3216 (Dr. Angel Lam)


Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


i) Experiential and Practical Courses

 Experiential Camps (5)

 Peer Counseling Practice (3)

 Peer Counseling Practicum (3)


ii) Theoretical Courses

Core Courses (13)