Lutheran and Ecumenical

LTS inherited Lutheran theology and traditions in the ecumenical spirit of the Catholic Church. In our scholarship, we are open and respectful to different denominations and traditions. We treasure the mutual learning, so that we can better respond to the needs of this age and serve the Kingdom of God. For this reason, our teachers and students come from both Lutheran and non-Lutheran backgrounds.


Spiritual, Intellectual and Practical

Lutheran Theology Seminary (LTS) is situated at the top of To Fung Shan, surrounded by verdant mountains and trees. With birds twittering and flowers emanating fragrance, there is a campus atmosphere of harmony with God. In LTS, students can acquire both biblical and theological knowledge. We also help students to have a reflection on their faith and their respond to the challenges of contemporary thoughts and their day-to-day life. We provide students with internships to promote integration of the theological knowledge acquired and the ministry on the field. This strengthens their competency in ministry in serving our Lord.


Diverse Programs

We provide over 30 programs of study and adopt a biliteracy and trilingualism language policy. The programs range from certificate courses to doctoral research programs catering for various needs, viz, to prepare followers of Christ for works of service, to train up pastors, to provide in-service pastors opportunities to further their studies and to conduct academic research. Our graduates may choose to further their studies in LTS or study abroad.


Intercultural Experiences

There is an international, enriching and inclusive campus ambience that could be enjoyed here. Through our extensive global network, you can access international academic exchanges and enhance your understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and broader theological issues. All students are encouraged to participate in exchange activities and programs.



Beautiful Campus

Situated at the top of To Fung Shan,Shatin, Lutheran Theology Seminary (LTS) with its simple black and white architecture is a seminary, a place for worship, an administrative office and dormitories offering ideal space for activities and retreats. With its architectural features of walls, corridors, moon gates, pavilions, atriums and fishponds, the Seminary reflects the elegant architectural style of academia in historical southern China. The buildings stand in rows of differing heights along the hillside and are at one with nature. Cradled in the unique landscape the campus is transformed with the changing seasons, the drifting clouds, the evolving hues of flowers and shades of leaves, and gives a sense of being out of this world.
  • As the top of To Fung Shan Road is reached, black and white walls appear. On the left are dormitories for tutors and students, and the carpark is behind the wall on the right side.
  • The huge stone inscribed with the words “Lutheran Theology Seminary” in Chinese symbolizes Jesus Christ the rock and extends a welcome to all.
  • Left along the way to the top of the 121 steps of the stairs is another high block student dormitory. Five blessings of the Beatitudes and the fruits of the holy spirit are inscribed on the external wall.
  • Through the gate named “Wai Tak Gate”(懷德門)built in memory of Dr. Karl Ludvig Reichelt, 1877-1952), the towering Cross is just ahead. Words of the psalmist comfort the soul: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121
  • The Cross is the ultimate goal for studying theology and uplifting man’s spirit.
  • Underneath the Cross, water runs out of the rock strongly, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of Christians.
  • The water then runs slowly towards the teaching block to feed the fishponds, a sign of the nourishment of man’s spirit, a feature which imbues the campus with life and vitality.
  • Where the fish play in the Reflection pool and the willow branches dance with the wind is the memorial garden of Dr Hsiao, Ken-hsieh Andrew, the first Chinese President of LTS and where President Hsiao was given the vision to build the new campus to remind people that the Lord is in their midst: “Behold, I will do a new thing”. Isaiah 43:19.
  • The heart of the Seminary is the Library which comprises of two floors and holds a wealth of teaching and research reference materials with its collection of over 200,000 articles, 100,000 of which are books and 100,000 digital items.
  • In a straight line opposite the Library is the Ming Chieh Chapel, on the highest point of the campus, a place for worshipping the Lord and proclaiming the Word. It is named in memory of Rev WU Ming-chieh for his contributions to LTS.
  • The Crucifix inside the Ming Chieh Chapel is the work of the Chinese American artist Dr Ho Kei (何琦) and embodies rich biblical messages.
  • The Luther Garden outside Ming Chieh Chapel was planted with four trees representing the four member churches of LTS in Hong Kong. They are the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod, the Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church. Taiwan Lutheran Church is also a member church.