Application Procedures for Wedding Ceremony

Application Procedures for Wedding Ceremony:

  1. Application is only accepted from baptized Christians, either the bride or the bridegroom.
  2. Ming Chieh Chapel only accepts applications for weddings held within 18 months and not less than 3 months in advance. Unless there are special circumstances, provisional applications will not be accepted.
  3. For application, please call the campus rental unit for reservation, and then send the completed application form, the deposit (50% of total charges) and a self-stamped envelope to the campus rental unit of the Administration Department within 1 week for confirmation of the booking. The rent balance and an additional cheque of HK$5,000 for the guaranty deposit must be paid 1 month before the wedding date; otherwise the booking will be automatically cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.
  4. Please make the cheque payable to “Lutheran Theological Seminary”.
  5. After the application is confirmed, whether the applicant cancels the renting or reschedules for any reason, the paid deposit and rent will not be refunded.
  6. LTS will collect surcharges from the guaranty deposit according to the following circumstances:
  • Compensation for damages arising from the use of LTS facilities. Cost to be subject to quotations by LTS.
  • Over-time charge (all over-time exceeding 15 minutes will be counted as 1 hour).
  • For those who do not comply with the regulations on use of LTS facilities, the guaranty deposit will be forfeited in full.


  1. The official receipt of rent balance and surcharges will be sent to the applicant 7 days after the wedding date. The guaranty deposit will be returned in full, on the condition that no surcharges are incurred. In the event that the amount of guaranty deposit falls short of the surcharges, the applicant is duly bound to settle the deficit within 7 days. LTS reserves the legal rights to claim compensation from the applicants.


For inquiries, please contact the campus rental unit of Administration Department

Address: 50 Fung Shan Road, Sha Tin Road

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 2691 1520

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