Rental Retreat Services

Rental Notice for Meeting and Retreat:

  1. In order to make good use of the facilities and serve the church, LTS provides the rental service of the chapel, classrooms and dormitory.
  2. LTS campus can be used by groups for retreats, mediation, training and conference, etc.
  3. The application result is decided by LTS according to the order of submission of applications, the number of participants, the type of renting, the purpose of event, and other factors.
  4. LTS reserves the right to use the venue first.

Regulation of Use

  1. All guests please keep the campus, dormitory and other facilities clean and tidy.
  2. TS staffs provide services to the guests, the guests are requested to cooperate with the LTS staff accordingly.
  3. Gambling, smoking and drinking at the LTS campus are strictly forbidden.
  4. Please refrain from making loud noises in the campus area. No use of amplifying appliances in the dormitory or outdoor campus area.
  5. When leaving the rented venue (lecture room, classroom) or dormitory, please turn off the lights, air conditioners, fans and other equipment to save energy, please support environmental protection.
  6. Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in the Ming Chieh Chapel.
  7. All items in the Ming Chieh Chapel are strictly forbidden to move.
  8. The indoor and outdoor chairs and other facilities are not allowed to be moved without authorization.
  9. If the items or facilities in the campus are damaged, compensation will be made according to the price.
  10. Guests must bring the guest card issued by LTS, or the name tag prepared by the group.
  11. If you lose the guest card or keys, it should be reapply immediately and pay the administrative fee, HK$10 each.
  12. Except for married couples, guests of the opposite sex are not allowed to live in the same dormitory room.
  13. LTS dormitory provides cleaned pillowcases and bed sheets, guests please change for themselves when checking-in. The group leader must collect all pillowcases and sheets when checking-out, and please drop to the laundry room. Please do not remove the mattress.
  14. Please save water and electricity.
  15. Guests are strictly prohibited from cooking in the campus area.
  16. Eating or drinking is strictly prohibited in the dormitory room.
  17. Except for the electric hair dryer and electric shaver, other use of electrical appliances is prohibited in the dormitory.
  18. LTS dormitory is equipped with washing machines and dryers. Laundry tokens can be purchased at the general office.
  19. Without permission, please do not use the common rooms in the dormitory for gatherings or group purposes.
  20. After 11:00pm, please keep quiet in the dormitory, please take care of yourself and others.
  21. The main gate of the dormitory will be closed at 11:00pm. All guests should return to the dormitory before 11:00pm. The lights in the rooms should be extinguished at 11:00pm.
  22. Do not climb the fence to avoid accidents.
  23. When checking-out, please turn off the lights, air conditioners, fans and windows in the dormitory room.
  24. If the guest is found to have violated the rules, LTS have the right to order the offender or group to leave the campus, and all fees will not be refunded.

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