Worship Life

  • We concern the spiritual growth of everyone in LTS
  • Spiritual growth is a process that imitating the life of Christ living for others. In order to nurture the spiritual growth of individuals and the LTS community, we encourage all members to participate regularly in morning prayer, evening prayer and Holy Communion.
  • The lively, creative and diverse worship life is one of the characteristics of LTS.


Morning Prayer

  • We have morning prayers from Monday to Thursday. We gather together in the chapel, worship and listen to God’s word.
  • The morning prayers are led by teachers and students in turn with different styles and forms. They are simple but fulfilling.


Evening Prayer

  • The evening prayer is hosted by the Student Association. Students could experience the beauty of communal devotion, share the joy and pain in life.


Holy Communion

We have Holy Communion regularly. By receiving the body and the blood of Jesus Christ in faith, our spiritual lives are nourished. The sacrament also reminds us that though we are many, we are one body in Christ. This encourages us to love each other and live in the love of our Lord.