Dormitory Life

Dormitory life makes one grows. Since we all have different growth backgrounds, we have different personality and living habits. Thus, how to live together, get along and cooperate with others has become an important part of theological training. May the Holy Spirit guide us to learn more about ourselves, the others and the Lord through the experience of living together.


Our dormitory is located in a quiet place without luxurious decoration but sufficient basic facilities. It provides the students with a quiet and simple life. Both the upper dorm and lower dorm have a prayer room for individual or group meditation and prayer.


LTS has three types of housing: single rooms, married student quarters (for married couples, consisting of one room and a toilet), and family quarters (for couples with children, consisting of a combined living and dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom).


In principle, all first theological degree students are required to live in dormitory. If, for family reasons, students cannot live in the dormitory for the entire period of study, we still encourage them to live on campus for at least one year. Commuting students could also apply for short-term accommodation during school semesters and summer term.