Traditional and Special Events

It has become the tradition of LTS to have different activities and celebrations of special festivals in every school year, such as the Founders’ Day, Annual Sacred Music Worship, Friday Lectures, and the retreat camps.


LTS Founders’ Day

The Founders’ Day of LTS is celebrated on the last Friday of November every year. To remember and praise God for His grace and mercy, we have Thanksgiving Worship and Holy Communion in the morning as well as the Thanksgiving Celebration Night in the evening. Teachers, students, alumni, brothers and sisters of churches, LTS’s friends and supporters, we all gather together on that day, offer our thanks and praise to the Lord who is full of kindness and love. We also share the friendship and joy in the Lord.


Annual Sacred Music Worship

We host Sacred Music Worship annually to offer praise to the Lord. We hope to preach the word of God through music and serve different Christian communities.


Commissioning Service for Graduates

LTS organizes a commissioning Service for the graduating students every year. They receive the commissioning from God and the blessings from all the teachers and students, then go out to serve faithfully.


Friday Lectures

We arrange Friday Lectures on different topics each semester to broaden the students’ horizons and deepen their theological reflection and practice.



Before the beginning of the Fall semester, all teachers and students join the retreat camp in order to prepare for the new academic year. Besides deepen students' self-understanding, the retreat camp also enhances the relationship between teachers and students. It also provides new students with a foretaste of LTS community (especially the experience of worship life).