Dr. LeMond, John G. (1948-2023)


Professor Emeritus (Church History and Historical Theology, Mission and Culture)


Ph.D. in Mission, Ecumenics and History of Religions, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA, 1996.
M.Th., Princeton Theological Seminary, USA, 1987.
Mandarin Chinese language study, Taipei, Taiwan, 1981-1983.
M.Div., Luther Seminary, USA, 1981,
B.A. (Mass Communications), University of South Florida, USA, 1974.



Professor Emeritus, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2014-.
Associate Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2002-2014.
Assistant Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1998-2002.
Part-time Lecturer, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1993-1997.
Program Associate, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America China Program, 1995-2003;

Editor, Areopagus Magazine, Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, 1991-1997.



Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, 1991-.
Parish Pastor, Kangshan Lutheran Church, Taiwan, 1983-1986.
Missionary, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, U.S.A., 1981-.
Ordained, 1981.
Seminary Internship, Kaohsiung Community Church, Kaohsiung Taiwan, 1978-1980.
Pastoral Assistant, St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., 1976-1978.


Selected Publications:

A History of Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong, 1913-1993: From Isolation to Ecumenicity (1996)