Application Notes

Entrance Examinations


1.    Written and Oral Examinations:


a.    Written examination of Chinese Language is required for all local Chinese applicants to bachelor/master programs (except for advanced study programs, and for those who will complete the study program solely in English). Exemption is granted to the applicants who have a HKCEE Chinese Language “D” or above, or a HKDSE Chinese Language “level 3” or above.


b.    Written and oral examinations of English Language are required for all applicants to bachelor/master programs (except for advanced study programs). Exemption is granted to applicants who have a HKALE/HKHLE Use of English “E” or above, HKDSE English Language “level 3” or above or a TOFEL paper-based score 550 or above, or an IELTS score 6.5 or above (TOFEL/IELTS tests score should be within 2 years).


c.    Written examination of Religious Knowledge is required for all applicants to bachelor/master programs (except for those who apply for advanced study programs and for those who have a theological degree).


d.    LTS graduates are exempt from taking the above examinations.


e.    Four-hour written examination for applicants to MTH program, the applicants should pass this examination to demonstrate their competence in basic theological disciplines.


2.    Personality Test:


a.    The personality test is arranged by LTS with an assigned institution or person. Test results are used for enrollment only and kept confidential.


b.    This test is compulsory for applicants who apply to the pastoral training programs (BTH/MDIV/DDP-BM) and the programs major in Christian Counseling and Christian Spiritual Direction.


c.    Arrangement for overseas applicants taking personality test depends on the situation.


3.    Interview: an entrance interview is required for all applicants.