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Horace Hung

I am a self-confident, subjective and demanding person. Therefore, these traits inevitably meant pressure on myself and others when getting along with or cooperating with others. Sometimes, because of my personal subjective personality, unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts with others may be caused.


In 2019, I participated in the "Theological Student Personal Growth Counseling Service" through the introduction and recommendation of the teachers in the college. After many interviews with the counselor, apart from deepening my "inner" knowledge of myself, the most precious thing is to discover and deal with some negative thoughts that had been buried in my heart for many years. It turned out that these negative thoughts had been affecting my personal growth and my attitude and orientation towards others. I discovered that there are many different ways and "choices" in dealing with people and things!


After completing the counseling, I was "relaxed" and feeling more "secure" in terms of personal emotions and attitudes toward others, and I also knew how to deal calmly with difficulties and challenges. This new "cognition" has helped me to enter the church safely and able to face various challenges.


What makes me even more grateful is that my understanding of myself has deepened, which reduces many misunderstandings and conflicts caused by my subjective nature and self-characteristics, and makes the process of establishing relationships with my brothers and sisters and pasturing the church smoother.


Thanks to the "Peer Men's Spiritual Growth Center" for preparing such a "tailor-made" counseling service for theological students before entering the church, so that every "loyal servant of God" can serve the church with more concentration.

Eva Chong

More than two years ago, due to the deaths in rapid succession of my grandparents, I was enveloped in intense grief. The intense grief prevented me from engaging in studies and internships, and even developed a fear of facing older brothers and sisters during the internship. I knew that I had to face the sadness and fear in my heart. So under the advice of Dr. Xuewen Lin, I started participating in the "Theological Student Personal Growth Counseling Service" two years ago.


From escaping the fact that my relatives had left, accepting the facts of grief expressing; sorrowing in nostalgia, finally with the help of the counselor, I gradually walked out of my haze. My studies and internships moved on. I had a feeling and the heart for serving the elderly via the counseling service.


Half a year after my grandparents had passed away, I was sent for an internship to a church where the main congregation was elderly. Because of regular counseling, my soul became stronger. With the help of my counselor, my soul grew little by little without knowing it. Reflect: know yourself, know your gifts and limitations, feel and express emotions freely, be able to face groups that have been feared, and even serve them and shepherd them... all this also is the grace of the Lord! I am very grateful for the companionship of the counselor on the way of ministry. Her service made me feel deeply the love of the Lord, because the Lord is healing me and shepherding me through the service of the counselor. May all glory be to the Lord.


Sharing of a Mother

I learnt of the Companion LeShalom Centre towards the end of 2007. I have two young men in my family who are encountering challenges in self-growth. I learnt from Dr LAM how counselling may help in personal growth and decided to invite my elder son to try self-development counselling. My son often came home excitedly after the counselling sessions, eager to share with me his new self-discovery and his understanding of his past experiences. After some time, he developed a better understanding of himself and started to practice new ways of thinking, and he found himself starting to live a proactive life.


When my younger son heard the sharing of his brother, he realised that some of his own habits and mindsets needed improvement and he wanted to try self-development counselling himself. During the counselling sessions, he came to be aware of his own blind spots and discovered his strengths, and so he developed greater confidence. During the course of counselling, he also learned the art of listening and caring, and he has become a more thoughtful and considerate young man.


As a mother, my influence plays a significant part in their development, both positive and negative. From their sharing, I gain a better understanding of myself. All mothers desire their children to be mentally and spiritually strong and healthy, hoping they can rise to challenges in life. Yet, we have no control over their future. With the help of self-development counselling, they learn the importance of seeking assistance and accepting their limitations as well as those of others, facilitating them to achieve healthy personal development. To me, this is a precious gift.