Scheme for Seminary Students

To encourage students taking the first degree of pastoral program to improve their self-awareness and self-knowledge through personal growth counseling. This prepares oneself to become a more capable and robust pastor to cope with different pastoral challenges and interpersonal conflicts in the church.


Students who are full-time at the Seminary and pursuing their first pastoral theology degree.


Administrative fee:

$150/50 minutes.(student must pre-pay for five- sessions every time)



The centre will assign suitable counselors according to the needs of the student.


How to Apply:

Interested people can obtain an application form from Ms. Emily Ng, Counseling Studies and Ministry Executive Secretary, for filling and returning. The application form will be submitted to the centre for approval and follow-up, and then appropriate arrangements will be made.


* For more details, please contact Ms. Emily Ng or Dr. Angel Lam.

* All services need to be arranged according to the resource allocation of the centre. This may take time. Please be prepared to wait. With sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.