Scheme for Pastors

A. Personal Growth Counseling and Pastoral Growth Groups

To encourage pastors taking the first degree of pastoral program to improve their self-awareness and self-knowledge through personal growth counseling. This prepares oneself to become a more capable and robust pastor to cope with different pastoral challenges and interpersonal conflicts and serving more effectively the church, and brothers and sisters.


B. Pastoral Case Study Group

Support church/organization care ministry and strengthen the ability to deal with different problems. A clinical psychologist or senior counselor will lead colleagues in small groups to discuss different case topics and give professional advice. All case contents and class discussions will be confidential.

Suggested Topics:

Marital problems;

Family issues;

Mental and emotional distress;

Conflict handling;

Personality disorder;

Groups can be formed according to the needs of the organisation or church. If you are interested, please contact us for details


C. Public Talk and Training



D. Counseling Services Referral

Pastors can refer brothers and sisters to the centre for personal growth and professional counseling according to the needs of brothers and sisters in psycho-spiritual growth, marriage, parent-child, family, etc.



E. Professional Advices for Church Care Ministry

Welcome to contact us to provide relevant suggestions and tailor-made suitable supporting services for the church according to the needs of the church.