Counseling services

Our professional counseling services focus on personal growth, accompanying individuals to experience life renewal, establishing goals, and the regaining of strength and motivation. Our belief is that when one’s life is strong one will not easily stumble when facing challenges or crisis. We will know how to stand up again even though sometimes we slip. We have more strength to face different types of challenges.


We provide professional counseling services by a group of counselors who are willing to walk with others. They are of different training backgrounds and counseling experiences, so as to provide suitable matching for individual clients. (The center provides Cantonese, Mandarin and English services)

Professional Assessments


We provide professional assessments. Please call our center for details.

Play Therapy

Child-based play therapy service


"Toys are children's words, and games are children's expressions."-Child-based play therapy is a good way to help children/teenagers relieve their emotional stress.


In this play therapy process, the play therapist intimately reflects the inner feelings, desires and needs of children/teenagers, so that they can be understood and accepted in them. The therapist also sets a safety boundary so that they can learn to be aware of their own responsibility. Where. On the whole, the play therapy process helps to build up the inner stability and confidence of children/teenagers, so that they can grow up healthily.


The service is suitable for children and young people aged 3-15 who are suspected of having emotional distress and special needs, such as autism, concentration/ overactivity, or social difficulties.

Lectures/Workshops/Spiritual Care Sunday


Professional counselors will hold lectures or workshops for the organization/church to help participants strengthen their understanding of the designated topics, so that colleagues can make effective assessments, and appropriate emergency response and appropriate referrals when facing related issues.


Topics include:

  • Parent-child relationship ~ growth companionship
  • Marriage ~ Build love
  • Family relationship ~ mutual acceptance
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Conflict handling ~ jump out of confusion
  • Personality Disorder~Reflection~Solving
  • Emotional awareness of body, mind, and spirit
  • The process of self-knowledge/self-acceptance
  • Native family and growth
  • Interpersonal interaction ~ relationship and ministry
  • From harm to forgiveness
  • Caring together ~ walking with the sad/emotionally trapped
  • Group leadership skills
  • Personality and ministry ~ spiritual start
  • Walking in adversity: There are strategies for discipline, and there are methods for relieving pressure
  • Customized questions

Clinical Supervision Service


We provide clinical supervision for practicing or trainee counselors to help improve the quality of counseling. Please call our center for details.