Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Graduation Credits 60 │ Full-time 2-yr │ Part-time 6-yr

Admission to this program is suspended.

Program Purpose

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction is to equip Christian leaders in the ministries of life formation, integrating Christian counseling and spiritual direction.


Program Goals

  • In-depth knowledge of Christian spirituality and psychology, related to formational ministry.
  • Professional practice both in counseling and spiritual direction, as well as their integration.
  • Experiential learning to better grasp the transformational dynamic in life formation.
  • Critical theological reflection and integration of knowledge and experience.
  • Effective application of knowledge and skills in one’s ministry context.


Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized by LTS; and
  • Four prerequisite courses (12 credits) in the area of biblical or systematic theologies approved by LTS; otherwise, admitted students should fulfill the requirement via the courses at LTS on an extra-credit basis.


Program Content

In addition to 60 credits of coursework, students must pay attention that they are required to participate in at least 5 sessions of personal spiritual direction and 10 sessions of personal growth counseling. Students are required to pay extra fees for spiritual direction, counseling, retreat, practicum and supervision apart from the tuition.


Further Study

If a Master of Arts (M.A.2-yr) in Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction degree holder continues to study for the Master of Divinity (M.Div.3-yr) at LTS, a maximum of 30 credits can be exempted. If the holder also has a B.Th. degree, s/he can continue to study for the Master of Divinity (M.Div.2-yr) at LTS with a maximum of 30 credits be exempted. If the holder has a B.Th. degree and with at least five years of full-time experience in ministry, s/he can continue to study for the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) at LTS with the emphasis on Christian Spirituality or Pastoral Counseling.

Program Content

(course credits in brackets)


i) Experiential Courses

Core Courses

 CP2017/PT2052 Personal Growth (3)

 SW2027/PT2062 Spirituality Workshop and Silent Retreat (3)

 CP3004 Pastoral Counseling Practicum (3)

 SW3019 Spiritual Direction Practicum (3)


ii) Integrated Courses

Core Courses

 CP2000/SW2028 Life Development and Spiritual Growth (3)

 CP2015/CT2003 Christian Counseling Ethics (3)

 IS4004 Integrative Seminar on Counseling and Spiritual Direction (3)


iii) Christian Spirituality Courses

Core Courses

 SW2000 Paths of Prayer (3)

 SW2026 Practice of Spiritual Direction (3)

 SW2029 Ignatian Spirituality and Discernment (3)

Guided Electives (choose 2 courses)* (6)

 SW2018/DK2002 Spirituality and Diakonia

 SW2021 Emotions & Spirituality

 SW2025 Christian Spiritual Traditions

 SW2030 Exploring Eastern Orthodox Spirituality

 SW3005/DM3011 Apophatic Theology and Centering Prayer

 SW3017/OT3016/NT3020 Bible and Spirituality

 SW3018/DM3014 Theology of Christian Spirituality


iv) Christian Counseling Courses

Core Courses

 CP2011 Essential Counseling Skills (3)

 CP2013 Advanced Christian Counseling Theories and Techniques (3)

 CP3001 Christian Counseling Blended with Satir Model (3)

Guided Electives (choose 3 courses)* (9)

 CP2003 Counseling for Adolescents and Youth

 CP2005 Marital Counseling

 CP2007 Grief Counseling

 CP2012 Theories and Practice in Group Counseling

 CP3002 Christian Counseling Blended with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


v) Free Electives

2 courses (6)


* Under special circumstances, courses outside the list may be accepted with the approval of the adviser.