‧  Notice : The arrangement of Office, Library and Bus schedule on 30/5
‧  Staff News
‧  Lutheran Theological Seminary Graduation Service 2016
‧  Seminary Bus Schedule during 18/5 to 25/6
‧  Visit Mrs. Anna Hsiao by the LTS Alumni Association
‧  Alumni News : The Ordination of Ms. Wong Suk Ling, Ms. Ming Sze Kei, Mr. Au Wai Cheong and Ms. Chan Yuk Ping
‧   Wedding News of Alumnus Mr. Fan, Wai Lup and Miss. Lee, Yin Ting
‧  A new born girl was given to the family of Alumna Mr. Choi Sze Lok Felix (M.Div.2013)
‧  Alumni Association will held a farewell lunch on May 26 for Chinese Professors
‧  LTS New Book : Read the Secret by Dr Simon Chow
‧  Bible Reading Day Camp(13/8) on “Micah” by Dr Tai
‧   TEE Summer term courses
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